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Accuitive Medical Ventures

A private, venture capital firm, Accuitive Medical Ventures seeks revolutionary medical technology investment opportunities. In conjunction with The Innovation Factory, an Atlanta-based medical device incubator, Accuitive serves both the entrepreneurial and inventor markets. Accuitive specializes in two distinct types of investments: venture financing for companies with exceptional technology and teams; and venture financing and management of technologies being developed within The Innovation Factory.

  • Private
  • Must pertain to medical technologies, or similar; the device or technology must have the potential to serve a market of over $500 million in global annual product revenues

2905 Premiere Parkway, Suite 150, Duluth, GA 30097
Phone: (678) 812-1101
Fax: (678) 417-7325

Global Center for Medical Innovation

The Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) is the Southeast’s first comprehensive medical device innovation center. Core members of the medical device community, including universities, research centers, clinicians, established device and drug companies, investors, and early-stage companies are brought together with the goal of accelerating the commercialization of innovative medical technology. The Center uses internal and external resources to provide a range of services to medical device innovators including: design, engineering, and product development; prototyping, small-scale cGMP manufacturing; intellectual property and startup services; market research and analysis; regulatory and quality assurance; preclinical testing; clinical trials; funding; and innovator education.

  • Private
  • Non-profit

75 5th Street, NW, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30308

Innovation Factory

The Innovation Factory acquires novel medical technology ideas from individual inventors, corporations, and universities, develops these ideas into marketable products, and then launches businesses around those products. With an experienced management team, top-tier funding partners, and a nimble approach to both product and business development, The Innovation Factory is able to vet ideas efficiently, maximize predictability, and speed up time-to-market, while reducing risk. The Innovation Factory welcomes medical-related ideas and referrals from a variety of sources and supplies a confidential and timely response to all inquiries.

  • Private

2905 Premiere Parkway, Suite 150, Duluth, GA 30097
Toll Free: 888-935-4411